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Visiting hours

There are no restrictions on visiting hours. However, there are a number of considerations to ensure the privacy and comfort of the residents.

Residents generally prefer to have breakfast, bathe and dress before the arrival of visitors. Early mornings are usually a busy time for residents and staff. Many residents also choose to retire early in the evenings. In all cases, the visitor should ask the resident and/or staff member for assistance in arranging suitable visiting times. The residents’ wishes will be taken into account in all cases.


Occupational Therapists are employed to develop and provide Activity Programs for the residents. Individual and group activities are provided with each resident’s needs, preferences and abilities taken into consideration. Special care is taken to include spiritual and cultural needs.


The Occupational Therapy Department arranges excursions on a regular basis and permission from relatives/carers is necessary for this. The ‘Safe Outings for Residents’ policy should be read and understood and permission can be given for these outings on the nominated form for blanket approval, or on an outing-by-outing basis.


Meals are prepared daily in the Sarina Aged Care Ltd. kitchen, and three meals, as well as morning and afternoon tea and supper, are provided. Food preferences are discussed with residents and their representative(s) on admission and every effort is made to cater for individual preferences, taking into account cultural needs and special diets. Snacks and drinks are available at any time and there are tea and coffee making self-serve facilities for visitors in the Activities Room.